Frequently Asked Questions

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Santa flies in all weather but Santa on the Beach photo sessions can be postponed due to rain OR high winds.

The final decision on if a photo session will proceed is made 30 minutes before the start of each session.

We really do wait right until the last minute as after 6 years photographing Santa on the Beach we know that rain clouds can suddenly break allowing a photo session to proceed even on the rainiest of days. Some of our best photos have been created during rain breaks.

SO if the weather is looking dodgy stay flexible and wait for that text message approx ½ hr before the session is due to start.

Of course if it is totally torrential we can make the call earlier.

Please read the full T&C where wet weather plans are explained further.

Yes - but only to SOME sessions. Dogs, cats, horses all welcome.

Pets are welcome to all SANTA JAMES sessions - The Locations & Dates page clearly states which Santa will be at each photo session and if pets are welcome.

Santa Bob with his real white beard is an awesome Santa but no fur-babies will be accepted into photos with Santa Bob - Sorry! Out of respect to Bob - If you wish to have your photo with the authentic looking Santa Bob fur babies will have to stay home. Thank you for yourunderstanding.

Santa James can't wait to meet your fur babies

Please see T&C regarding responsibility of your fur baby whilst on the beach.


If you can't make your original session you can slot into any other session on any other date during the 2023 Santa photo season.  This includes later the same day, next available – or any other day.

You will need to send a message via this websites contact form to make sure we know what session you move to. We NEED to make sure you receive the location alert for the new session.

But remember this - Santa is only on beach for 1 hour each session - so you must arrive before the session ends to guarantee Santa will still  be there for you.

Do not email or text - it will get lost as we hit peak period.

Please read the full T&C where wet weather plans are explained further.

Beach photos are not an instant production.

Digital photos will be delivered no later than 10 days (often earlier, but no later) after your photo session.

Prints will be posted within 10 days of your photo session.

After 21 December: Photos taken after 21 December cannot be guaranteed to arrive before 25 December. Elves will be on holiday from 24 Dec – 10 January. No photos will be delivered within these dates.

The best way to contact the Elves is via message to the contact us form.

(PLEASE NOTE: Text messages and social media messages tend to get buried very quickly and may be missed please so make sure you use contact form.)

The Elves are extremely busy in December and literally receive thousands of messages. Thank you for your patience as we work them.

Yes. We will refund package costs but please note that the booking fee is non refundable. Please see T&C about when and how we process refunds. Please complete this refund request form and remain patient as we operate for just 8 weeks and production is our priority in these eight weeks, and the Elves do get hammered with zilllions of emails per day.

The following Covid guidelines are for the safety of Santa’s crew and all 2023 guests.

  1. Byron Beach Santa will at all times follow the government directives relating to Covid19 in the North Coast NSW region.
  2. Social distancing: Santa will have plenty of Ho Ho Ho joy to share with all children however in 2022 there will be no sitting on Santa’s lap – Families must sit at the distance directed by photographer. Christmas props will be in place to create a physical social distance. No cuddles with Santa, no Santa nursing babies.
  3. Gathering: Please avoid queuing – please use the beach to spread out.
  4. Health: Please do not attend if you have any cold / virus like symptoms.
  5. Health: All of Santa’s crew will be health checked before each photo session.
  6. Byron Beach Santa reserves the right to change the person acting as Santa, the photographer, the photo props including Santa’s outfit according to availability of staff and resources on photoshoot days. The promotional photos from earlier years are not a guarantee of the same Santa “actor,” photographer or props at all sessions.
  7. Byron Beach Santa reserves right to cancel/postpone event if any Covid concerns arise with available staff.